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  • Beginners Speed/Agility Class – Grades K-7th grade – Focused on proper sprinting, jumping, and change of direction techniques through the utilization of agility ladder, agility hurdles, box jumps, cone work, agility sleds, etc…


  • Speed/Agility/Strength Class – Grades 8-High School – This program is focused on improving and optimizing running speed through focusing on leg strength, power, & appropriate technique. We will narrow in on one’s ability to efficiently change directions by integrating a combination of balance, coordination, speed, reflexes, strength, and endurance.


  • Team Training – We offer an opportunity to work with Sports teams in private sessions.  Team training must have a minimum of 8 players. Prices vary with frequency, participant quantity, duration, etc…  Contact us for a quote today.


Membership Training


A small group training atmosphere that encompasses a high energy opportunity focused on movement, hard work, and group camaraderie. This small group training is one hour in length with different muscle group focuses each class. Each class will have a variety of agility training, strength training, jump training, change of direction training, plyometric training, and speed training. This group training is focused on getting the ideal results in the quickest time by focusing on the everyday movements of the human body.

Intensity Level:   All

What You Get:

Unlimited Small Group training and classes


$175 a month with a 3 month contract


Must be 18 years or older

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