Legacy Training provides youth and adults the opportunity to train in a high energy, skill specific, goal driven, and safe environment in order to accomplish their personal and athletic goals.

We are comprised of four focus areas within our training business

  • Adult fitness training
  • Youth fitness training
  • Basketball skill training
  • Football skill training

The fitness focus of our training business is broken down into two demographics: adult fitness training and youth fitness training.  Our fitness training is recognized for our ability to push you, motivate you and support you as we work together to elevate your fitness routine and exceed your personal expectations.

The fitness training services include but are not limited to:

  • adult personal training
  • adult boot camps
  • youth speed/agility training
  • youth strength and jump training
  • team training
  • Employment/business wellness programs
  • Sports specific training

In our fitness training program, our strength, conditioning, agility and personal training will be geared toward helping young athletes and adults attain and exceed their athletic and personal goals while maximizing their athletic and personal abilities. The techniques and philosophy will provide the skill sets needed to compete and live at the highest & healthiest level attainable. These fitness training techniques focus on

  • strength
  • explosion
  • speed
  • awareness
  • balance
  • flexibility

We utilize the following equipment:

  • Commercial weight machines
  • Commercial cardio equipment
  • kettle bells
  • tire drills
  • rope drills
  • power balls
  • agility ladders & hurdles
  • flex bands
  • sleds
  • much more.


Legacy Training will also provide wellness strategies/programs to businesses and schools in the area.  A wellness strategy is a long-term effort combining both health promotions and exercise-related activities designed to facilitate positive lifestyle changes in members of a company’s work force. Legacy Training will work with a company’s senior management to help develop a mission statement for its wellness program.  The client’s company employees will undergo a health-risk analysis, following which each employee will be given the opportunity to meet with a health professional to design a personalized health program.

Basketball skill development training utilizes the vast knowledge of its college Division I experienced staff to reach the intrical skills needed to become the optimal basketball player. The system that Legacy uses focuses on perfecting the “foundation skills” before building onto more advanced skills. Attention to detail and perfection of detail is the focus of each session.

Our basketball training program focuses on:

  • skill development
  • sports specific knowledge/IQ development
  • confidence development
  • self-correction
  • understanding of the skills and games.

The basketball training staff experience includes:

  • former Division I coaches
  • Former DI, DII, DIII, & NAIA College players
  • All-conference players
  • Current All-State high school players.

Basketball training services include but are not limited to:

  • shooting technique training
  • ball handling training
  • offensive scoring around the rim
  • defense training

Our basketball training program has been intrical in taking local talent and developing their potential into Division 1 and College level players.  We have a resume of training current and former WNBA players, Division I-NAIA players, All-State players, and area leaders in the game.