About Us

KY Legacy Elite was founded in 2011. The program is based in the Northern Kentucky Area (across the river from Cincinnati). The majority of practices take place in the Boone, Kenton, and Campbell County Area. Our players join us from the NKY area (Boone, Kenton, Campbell, Mason County) as well as from Lexington, KY; Louisville, KY; Southeast Indiana; and Cincinnati, OH.

Our Approach – What sets us apart

Every program sells that they play in games, but KY Legacy places a greater emphasis on training and player development. We pride ourselves on our college simulated practices, intense group workouts, and weekly strength/conditioning program.

Our kids experience a college practice and training experience NOW! We are focused on skill development and not doing drills. Understanding the basic fundamentals of a drill is one thing, but learning how to improve individual technique, athletic skill, and basketball IQ through learning the methodology behind a drill is completely different! Our team based training opportunities are the best value in basketball today.

We, ourselves, are athletes or former college coaches. Our program is headed by two former DI athletes and a former DI coach. Plus, we have built a staff-team of Division 1 coaches, college athletes, high school coaches and skilled community leaders with athletic/competitive experience. If playing at the next level is your goal then we have a proven track record at developing local talent and providing them the skills, character, discipline, mental toughness, and basketball IQ that will give them an opportunity to earn a scholarship opportunity. Please note this is a scholarship “opportunity”. Even though our program has helped several players attain scholarships in the last six years, we never promise college scholarships.

We strive to create an atmosphere that invites individual character to shine through. We have worked hard to build a diverse organization that teaches young athletes what binds us together – common respect for morals, ethics and strength of character.

“Basketball doesn’t build character, it reveals it.” Michael Jordan

Who Sponsors Us

KY Legacy Elite is an Under Armour sponsored team as well as a Premier Team Network team. This allows us to play in the invitation events only open to Under Armour programs. The Premier Team Network and Under Armour tournaments consistently provide our players with abundant exposure to college coaches. If you like to learn more about our sponsorship, please visit the following web address: www.premierteamnetwork.com.


How to start your Legacy today

Visit our website at: legacysportsinc.org.
You may also contact us directly via email at legacyeliteaau@gmail.com or contact our directors at 859-919-0374.